Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sugar Causes Acid

Did you know that Sugar is a disease causing acid?

A great way to describe sugar is a dietary and/or a metabolic acid waste product of fermentation or the degeneration of matter. It is important to understand that the body, and even the brain runs on electrons NOT sugar. Sugar in all of its forms is a poisonous waste product. So the more you ingest from your diet the higher your risk for disease.

As per Dr. Robert  O. Young, author of The pH Miracle, here are several foods that should never be eaten.

  1. Yogurt - Yogurt is a concentrated acid full of lactose sugars that break down to the cancer causing lactic acid. Sugar content in yogurts can be very high, however, as Keri Glassman, R.D. told the Early Show that yogurt naturally has about 12 grams of sugar per 6 ounce serving. The fruit flavored yogurts that most people eat actually have about 32 grams of sugar.
  2. Granola bars - Granola bars have always seemed like a solid pick for some people, but they are packed full of added sugars, and depending on the brand and size, you could be looking at between 11 and 22 grams of debilitating sugar acid.
  3. Fat Free Salad Dressing - Consumers are so conditioned to thinking that fat free products were good for them (no fat, right?) that they may have overlooked the fact that companies pump acid sugar into fat free dressings to give them some taste. They also do this so you become addicted to there brand of disease causing acid salad dressing. *Check the labels and do some comparison shopping to find dressings with healthy fat (not fat free) and NO acid sugar.
  4. Muffins - When you break muffins down to their lowest common denominator, you're really looking at a chunk of acid cake that you're eating for breakfast. And don't be fooled into thinking that bran muffins are healthier, because they're usually loaded with acid sugar, too. You're better off skipping muffins entirely or should I say you are better off skipping the acid. You might fry your brain.
  5. Canned Fruit - This one seems a little sneaky because you think that because it's fruit, it's healthy, but a lot of canned fruit is packed in a acidic sugary syrup. Even light syrup can stack up 32 grams of acid sugar per cup serving! Give up on canned or even fresh high acidic fruit and choose a low sugar fruit like cucumber or avocado. You will feel energized without being high on acid or sugar.
  6. Cereal - We all know about those sugary acidic cereals on the shelves, but even some of the so-called healthier options may reveal a load of ACID sugar when you closely inspect the nutrition info. There is not such a thing as a healthy cereal - full of the acid maltose. Another disease causing sugar.
*Although you should keep mind the controversy over discrepancies in information found on food labels and deciphering food  labels.

The bottom line is you must give thought to what you put in your refrigerator and store on your pantry. You may be doing all the right things and having a gosh darn hard time meetin your dietary goals. Carefully consider the products you consume. You might even want to put on your glasses and sit down with a dictionary.

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  1. Great post. I have been sugar free since 1984 :-) Thank you for sharing at the Thursday hop xo

    1. Yeah! I'm sooo happy for you...really! It's not easy to eliminate but there are many ways to exchange it for something else. You'll appreciate another post. Please share them with others. http://www.drinkyourgreensandminerals.com/2011/04/stop-poising-yourself-with-sugar.html


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