Monday, March 26, 2012

Healthy Raw Ketchup

So Ketchup is one of the food items at the center of some heated discussions that correlate to Childhood Obesity, Diabetes and contributing poor nutritional choices for school cafeterias. Well here is a great recipe for Ketchup that your family will love and you can feel good about including as a condiment in your kids lunch sack.

A Wonderful Thought for Everyday

Your destiny is not determined by your circumstances. Your destiny is determined by the Creator of the universe. -Joel Osteen Ministries

Many of you may be experiencing challenges of all sorts today, this week or this month. Remember that the Creator is able to shoulder your concerns and issues. He's interested in everything that concerns you. As a result, whatever you are facing, you are not or ever alone. When we are weak, He is strong. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Beyond Organic Is Changing Lives

That time has rolling around. I look forward to hearing all the great things going on.
The visuals are from last years Beyond Organic conference. Their conferences are not to be missed!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Did You Know Acids Create Wrinkles?

Clearly this post does NOT concern this cutie.

Whether from lifestyle, diet or drugs like Botox, a highly toxic bacterial acid and similar injections, we now know that wrinkles are caused by acids. Some of the injections that are simular to Botox really should have stronger warnings due to reports of 16 deaths after the acidic botulinum toxin spread inside the body, a U.S. consumer group said on Thursday. Public Citizen (a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in Congress) asked U.S. authorities to require the strongest possible warning, highlighted in a "black box," on Allergan Inc's Botox and Solstice Neurosciences Inc's Myobloc.

Reign - Botanical Infusions

How do our products improve your life?
We go beyond organic in our farming and production methods to bring you the highest quality, most nutrient rich food and beverages available anywhere. And the best part - we deliver right to your door!

Reign - Botanical Infusions
Now you can hydrate your body and experience the plant-based antioxidants in Regin Botanical Infusions. Our Pure Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water is infused with exotic fruits, vegetables and traditional to bring you this special line of beverages. It replenishes with key phytochemicals from botanical infusions. Hydrates as it is made with the purity of Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water. It delivers antioxidant nutrition in a convenient way and its stimulant free. Check them out at

Flavors: Awaken, Fruit, Veggie
Below: A look at the product information for Reign Fruit


How do our products improve your life?
We go beyond organic in our farming and production methods to bring you the highest quality, most nutrient rich food and beverages available anywhere. And the best part - we deliver right to your door!

This is a beverage that marries the virtues of cultured whey and Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water. The drinks are alive with probiotics and enzymes. They replenish your electrolytes minerals and B vitamins. They are flavored with organic juices, essential oils and organic honey. They're good for ya!

Flavors: Citrus, Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Cinnamon
Below: A look at the product information for SueroViv Citrus

The Preferred Customer Value Pack

Back by Popular Demand

Because of popular demand, you get another opportunity to order the Preferred Customer Value Pack. This is a GREAT way for you to experience the Beyond Organic products if you haven't already. This Value Pack is also very affordable. Lets remember, you are getting foods and beverages that surpass the quality of what is on the market in the country at this time. In some cases, as with Amasai, you are getting a products not found anywhere else. Extremely healthy and tremendously beneficial for the most challenged digestive systems. Visit TV / Videos to hear more of Jordan's own testimony that resulted in this wonderful company.

About Our Hot Dogs:
  • GreenFinished - our cattle are finished on grasses, herbs, legumes and forbs - no grains, antibiotics, hormones or chemicals
  • Nutritious - contains vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, CLA
  • Humane - our cattle roam free, eat well and are biblically processed
2012 is the year to Change Your Diet 
to experience a level of health you've missed until now?

There has never been a better day than today to start living Beyond Organic! Good thru March 31st --Take advantage before time run out, Beyond Organic is offering a FREE,one-year Preferred Customer Membership ($19.95 value) to anyone who orders the new Preferred Customer Value Pack PLUS a free copy of Jordan's latest book, Live Beyond Organic ($19.95 vlue). Act today to receive over $50 in gifts and savings with the new Preferred Customer Value Pack.

With your FREE Preferred Customer Membership, you'll receive the following benefits...
  • 20% discount on all Beyond Organic products for the year-the maximum discount available
  • Order as often as you would like, or setup a monthly auto ship
  • Have products shipped directly to your door

Your purchase of the Preferred Customer Value Pack will include:
  • 2 bottles Amasai™ (Milk & Honey and Raspberry) - ($12.50retail value)
  • 2 bottles SueroViv™ (Raspberry Lemonade & Orange Cinnamon) - ($7.50 retail value)
  • 4 bars of Beyond Organic Chocolate - ($13.75 retail value)
  • 1 lb. Of GreenFinished™ Ground Beef - ($10.00 retail value)
  • 1 lb. Of GreenFed™ Raw Havarti Cheese - ($18.75 retail value)
  • 1 year Beyond Organic Preferred Customer membership – FREE ($19.95 retail value)
  • 1 Live Beyond Organic book by Jordan Rubin -FREE ($19.95 retail value)
  • 1 Beyond Organic Living Magazine – FREE ($4.95 retail vlaue)

That's a retail value of $107.35 for just $50 (+ shipping). Plus you will save 20% on all of your Beyond Organic foods and beverages for an entire year.

Watch Jordan Rubin and "The Juice Lady" Cherie Calbom make a fantastic GreenFed steak dinner with great seasoning.

Below: "Steak, It's What's for Dinner"
Living Beyond Organic TV Show #4 Cooking Segment

Sherlinda Dix
Independent Manager
beyond organic
ID Code 33541

Thursday, March 15, 2012

News and Announcements - 03.11.12

BEYOND ORGANIC: Preferred Customers

Welcome to all newly enrolled Business Builders, Mission Marketers, Preferred Customers and Retail Customers of February 2012. My name is Sherlinda Dix. I'm so excited you have embarked on this journey with me and the rest of the Beyond Organic group. We at Team Drink Your Greens and Minerals aka DYGandM, would like to welcome you to the Worlds Healthiest Food Packages. We are making shopping easy for you with our Bundle Packages while providing a variety of delicious foods and beverages. Our goal is to help you change your diet, change your life and change your world.

Login and Reorders for Preferred Customers

As Team Leader I would like to pass along that many Preferred Customers have contacted Beyond Organic in recent weeks about reordering the Beyond Organic products. When someone registers as a Preferred Customer, they should receive an email from the company office with their username and password (the email comes from They can use that username and password to login to their account and reorder. They simply go to and click “Login” in the upper-right corner of the page. Once they are logged in, they can shop in their back office by clicking on the “Shop” link, or they can set up an autoship order by clicking on “Autoship Program.” If any Beyond Organic Preferred Customers are having trouble reordering or cannot locate their username or password, please contact customer service at
Sherlinda Dix
Independent Manager
beyond organic
ID Code 33541

Friday, March 09, 2012

Amazing Probiotic Amasai

Many of you have enrolled as Mission Marketers and Preferred Customers. Most of you have opted to Autoship your orders. Fantastic and terrific! It really is the way to go. So now that you as you start enjoying the Beyond Organic products, I would love to hear from you. Post a comment on our "facebook comments" at the bottom of our website page.

Beyond Organic GreenFed Dairy products:
I am over the top about our very digestible Amasai beverage. I think its fabulous! I know you are all going to really rave about it too! You really notice the great effect it has on your system after drinking it for a while. For me, it eases your digestive track and removes any bloating. I also find my body really responds well to Amasai. I feel energized. It has a great taste...a very delicious yogurt beverage!

If you like cheese, you will love our GreenFed Really Raw Cheese. I'm someone who knock back cheese and crackers for a meals. The full and rich flavor of our GreenFed Really Raw Cheese packs a fulfilling punch. I'm actually satisfied with a snack size portion. Portion control and big flavor from organic foods is also the best way to manage your weight with minimal effort!

Two things you will recognize as you experience the Beyond Organic line of products is they are very rich and taste like a whole food...full body flavor. They're very satisfying for the appetite which means you fill up quicker. There are some foods I have eaten and I'm still hungry for more soon after. That is NOT the case, for me, with Beyond Organic foods and beverages. I encourage all of you to enroll as Mission Marketers and Autoship your products to receive discounts on your purchase. There's also discounts on orders for all our Preferred Customers. New additions to our product line are coming soon!

Independent Mission Marketer
beyond organic
Become a Business Builder and enjoy the benefits!
Join me!

A Young Mind and Sharp Memory

Truth is folks the brain shrinks with age, and memory declines once you turn 30. It is said a warning sign might be "Where did I place my keys?" or as neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt, Ph.D., co-author of Welcome to Your Brain terms it, the "Tip of the tongue" phenomenon. Further studies show the adult brain can shrink as much as 1/2 to 1 percent annually in midlife, as neurons in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus wither, and the branches between them thin. The addition of changes in hormones depletes the nutrients, estrogen and progesterone, limiting blood flow to the brain. A gummy protein called amyloid plaque that can hamper neuronal function and cognitive decline may be exacerbated. It all stems back to those pesky branches. Dr. Young, author of Sick and Tired, speaks to reclaiming all areas of your inner terrain taking into account the brain as being a part of the whole person.

The statistics are one in five people older than 65 suffer from "mild cognitive impairment" (persistent memory problems severe enough to be noticeable by others). As we achieve the benchmark of 90, the Alzheimer Association says, many of us could ultimately be diagnosed with the disease. Obviously, I believe our results can be very different which is why I'm writing this article. There are many things you can do to circumvent those statistics to maintain the bulk and function of your brain. I'm not alone in my thinking. Dr. David Perlmutter, co-author of Power Up Your Brain appears to be of the like mind.

Proactive measures:
  • Stay lean: "The key to the brain maintaining and even regenerating itself is the activation of a set of genes that code for a protein called, brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)" -Dr. Pelmutter. To sum this point up, you should not be overweight especially in the prime of your life. It increases inflammation and free radical production that is found to be two enemies of a healthy brain. Kaiser Permanente found people in their 40's and obese had a 74 percent increased risk of developing dementia later in life. So trim down and stay fit!
  • Consume foods that build the brain: Omega 3 fatty acids DHA is an anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy blood flow to the brain. Remember that! Eating more fish or omega-3 supplements like Omega E-ssentials Caps, dark-colored fruits rich in antioxidants known to combat free radicals, and vegetables as with SuperGreens and Liquid Chlorophyll, and cutting back on refined carbohydrates is advised by Dr. Christine Northrup obstetrician, gynecologist and author of Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom to be excellent foods for the brain.
  • Maintain hormonal balance: Estrogen plays a critical role in influencing memory (verbal and spatial), motor skills and bolstering the barriers of the brain to keep toxins out. Stress, menstruation and menopause effect the balance of hormones. Women that are stressed out or not nourishing themselves, tend to experience adrenal fatigue, so their adrenals are not able to act as a secondary source of hormones, says Hawaii naturopathic physician Laurie Steelsmith, author of Natural Choices for Women's Health. Older men and women experiencing age-related memory loss can try a soy-based nutritional supplement such as SuperSoy Powder. I suggest Mens and Womens supplement bundles for excellent support.
  • Keep fit the mind and body: A common cause of decline can also be the accumulation of clogged blood vessels in the brain that choke off blood and oxygen. Regular exercise is the best thing you can do to maintain cognitive abilities later in life. Exercising the brain staves off atrophy in the elderly. How do you exercise the brain? Expose yourself to new experiences that prompt the brain to literally lay down new neuronal networks making them stronger. Playing board games, quilting, building model airplanes; learning a new language or instrument and learning a computer software. What you must NOT do is the same thing "day in and day out", as they say. Stop doing the same crossword puzzle. Instead try something new. As actress Jane Fonda, Laurie Steelsmith and others have said, "Use it or lose it." Sounds like good advice and definitely worth a try.
Suggested Supplements: Omega E-ssentials caps, Ultra D, SuperGreens, Liquid Chlorophyll, Prime pH, Mega Vita-Min, B Complex, B12 and BioLight and LightenUp Bundle.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Plastic-Free Meals

Although it is very hard to avoid living with plastic, its important to understand its impact on our health. When you consider the chemicals in plastic, you should also note they are released while being used and heated.

It has been noted many times before that scratches in plastic containers can be problematic and difficult to clean. Food and drinks stored in plastic absorb the chemicals of the container. When used in microwaves, heat releases the toxins of the compound that is plastic. It is a product that touches every member of the family and pose a high risk to pregnant women, babies and young children whose hormone and early brain development can be effected. Yes, there are concerns but also practical ways to avoid using it.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can speak to landfills and other impacts plastic has on our environment. However, you can imagine how that summary might go, and frankly, I'm on their side. Americans annually send an estimated 29 million tons of plastic to the landfill. It deteriorates but never fully breaks down. It is one of the least recycled forms of packaging, due to its numerous recycling codes and disposable convenience. -Just consider how many of us return plastic grocery bags to the store. BPA molecules are linked to form the plastic, but some molecules can escape and leach into food contents. BPA is a known hormone disruptor that has been tied to miscarriage, prostate and breast cancer, obesity and in children, behavioral and cognitive problems. If the plastic is worn, scratched, repeatedly washed or heated, leaching is more likely.

Plastic has its place, but not as much as we have given it. It's a wonderfully versatile compound that works well and with many uses. Styrofoam takeout containers pose an issue too. So my advice is cut down exposure whenever possible. I opt for glass or stainless steel reusables in the kitchen wherever possible. I rather wrap sandwiches in parchment which keeps sandwiches from drying out. I like cloth lunch bags that wash clean in the laundry. Bamboo utensils and stainless steel snack containers are great options too. These alternative products are easily available.

Lastly, I transfer products to my preferred storage containers when I get them home such as with milk, juice and cereals. There are so many fun storage containers on the market that will add style to your kitchen and pantry without breaking the budget. I say, take advantage of the green home options available and have fun being proactive!

Sources: SimplyPure Water Purification System,; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,; United Nations Environment Programme,; Healthy Child Healthy World,; Our Stolen Future,