Friday, October 13, 2017

An Advanced Aroma Therapy Diffuser

This system is a Vaporizer that is very effective at aromatizing the immediate environments without humidifying the air, and tends to spread aroma over a larger area than the Aroma Therapy Spa Diffuser – Vaporizer.

This Atomizer/Nebulizer is made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty, and is all about quality and therapeutic benefit. This all-in-one essential oil atomizing diffuser uses a cold diffusion delivery technology to put your essential oils directly into the air to obtain maximum therapeutic healing value and fragrance diffusion.

Because heat isn’t used, the chemical composition of your oils won’t be altered.

Includes a patented “quick change” attachment to easily change between desired essential oils, and a self-maintenance air filtration feature. This is the most advanced aromatherapy delivery system in the world today.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Foods Rich In Chlorophyll Build Healthy Blood + Body Cells

Green electron rich foods are a most effective natural cure for heart dis-ease, MS, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, low energy, gaseous stomach, constipation, IBS, Crohn's and most important cancer. 

In order to understand how green foods work, any preconceived ideas about nutrition must be put aside. While green foods contain a number of vitamins, minerals, proteins, electrons, chlorophyll and more, they are actually catalysts that support chemical chain reactions within the body.

Dr. Robert O. Young tells us through his research that most cancers start when incomplete chemical reactions occur during digestion or food transformation, respiration and elimination, which create acidic toxic waste in the body that ultimately interferes with cellular transformation. Each cell by the body processes is liable for replicating itself. During cellular transformation from liquid food, chromosomes split into chromatides and reassemble into genes. If they can’t match up properly, cellular defects cause aging, bone loss, heart disease and cancer.

Green electron rich foods help “maintain the alkaline design of the body” and create an environment where a cancerous condition is unlikely to occur. The results of Dr. Youngs' New Biology shows us that low pH or acidity is often the root cause for many if not ALL dis-eases. It begins when the root system, or small intestine, is congested or damaged and stops making healthy red blood cells that transform into healthy body cells. In addition the fluids of the body are deprived of alkaline ash food that creates a low alkaline buffer reserve in the tissue fluids to help maintain the alkaline design of the body. As the alkaline tissue fluid reserve is “used up” by maintaining the delicate alkaline pH of the blood at 7.365, acidity begins to increase in other organs causing latent tissue acidosis and stressing normal metabolic performance. To buffer the formation of lactic, uric and other damaging acids from food and metabolism, the body will leach calcium from the bones or magnesium from the muscles, or iron from the red blood cells to sodium ions from the plasma to “buffer” and neutralize these acids. Unfortunately this causes bone loss, muscle loss, arthritis and osteoporosis. -Another defensive measure is to store the ammonia acids in the kidneys to conserve the alkaline buffer reserve. This ultimately leads to kidney stones, endocrine imbalance and contributes to the cellular stress that leads to cancerous body cells.

The leading cause of low pH and over acidity is the consumption of processed foods (carbohydrates, sugar, white flour), meat, protein and carbonated beverages. Of course the ultimate way to create a strong alkaline reserve is to consume alkaline mineral salts and alkaline ash foods like green foods, which will in turn balance the pH of the body allowing other important aspects of anti-oxidative defense to be unleashed. However, as important as pH is, it is simply one aspect of green food nutrition, and any cancerous condition is only one of many ailments that green electron rich foods may be helpful in preventing.

Green Chlorophyll Rich Foods and Cancer Prevention

“Scientist have discovered that green juices increase the oxygenation of the body, purify the blood and organs, assisted in the metabolism of nutrients and counteract acids and toxins. Green juices are the superstars of the nutrition world.” As scientists gain more insight into explanation for cancers, it is becoming increasingly clear that the focus of treatment must change dramatically.

While many researchers have become convinced, most medical doctors and oncologists are still overcoming their previously deep rooted belief in the genetic origin of cancers. This belief has virtually discredited those who focus on lifestyle modification and a disease preventive diet as the primary defense against cancer, and since doctors thought genetics were the cause, surgery, medications and chemotherapy became widely accepted as the best “reaction” to the “genetic” malfunction. So much is changing with current revelations provided by the human genome project, indicating that only 20% of all cancerous conditions are genetically linked.

This revelation has lead many researchers to turn their attention to phytochemistry, which is the research into plant-based compounds that act as cellular anti-oxidants.

However, we need to examine the form and function of green plants to fully understand their place in nature's apothecary. We know chlorophyll as the pigment that makes plants green. But it’s Chlorophyll’s amazing similarity to hemoglobin which is the first clue to it’s potential.

Today 83% of Americans who die suffer from a version of a chronic disease, and with life expectancy at an all time high it’s high time for change.

In Roman times the average life span was a mere 22 years old, while today at least people are reaching ages well into the 100s (Jean Colment of France at 122 years old.) As a society, Japan leads the life expectancy race, with an average of 80 years, while American women come in at a close second with a 78 year average. The stark realization that any extended lifespan comes with an increased likelihood of developing chronic degenerative conditions has driven home the message echoing from the voice of the father of medicine himself who said, “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.”

While researchers continue to achieve unprecedented success with cancer treatments, it may be 10-20 years before the most promising treatments become widely available. With 1.2 million Americans diagnosed with cancer last year alone, an aging baby boomer population is running out of time. Today with the scientific validation of green, high chlorophyll foods as a dis-ease-fighter, the gray generation is NOW becoming the green generation, or should we say the pH Miracle Generation!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Therapeutic Essential Oils for Your Home

New Headache-Less Essential Oil Blend

Is an essential oil blend you apply to the temples, base of the neck, or any other part of the body that is needed to help bring headache relief. It’s also wonderful to use as a massage blend on aching muscles. This proprietary blend by Color Earth includes Organic Lavender - High Altitude, Organic Rosemary, and Organic Peppermint. These oils have deep traditional uses for headaches, allergies and overall uplifting and energizing.
This blend is made from 100% pure ingredients from the finest organic farms.  It is produced by using sustainable sourcing and ethical practices. The grower-direct organic farming method used also honors farmers and their communities. We’re confident that you’ll love this premium essential oil blend.