Friday, November 20, 2009

What is the best home-based business to start with a small investment that does NOT involve MLM?

Consulting or Becoming A Business Builder

I am looking to start my own business. I have only a small amount of capital to invest. I would like to hear the comments and experiences of others who have done so successfully. I am not interested in MLM of any type.

Suggestions For Building Your Subscription Business
It is Free!

As an Independent agent of , your opportunities are unlimited to build your subscription business. As an agent, you are authorized to use magazine covers in any of your own promotional material. You are allowed to market your business any way that you want. Here are a few suggestions to help build your business.

(1) Think large for the long term, but think small in the beginning. Start your business by contacting people that you know (friends, family, neighbors etc.). Let these people know that you are in business, and explain to them what a convenient service you provide. Sample promotional letters are available upon request. For example: Since the average household takes approximately six magazine subscriptions, by ordering and renewing through you, they would only have to write one check, one time, to you, for all of their subscription needs. The customer also does not have to deal with any customer service issues, so if there is a problem, you can handle it for them (by contacting our office).

(2) Network your subscription business as a fund-raiser. Contact local schools, churches, civic groups etc. who want to raise money for their organization and keep a percentage of sales as your profit.

(3) Take advantage of any gift giving occasion (holidays, birthdays, engagements, graduations, etc.) Keep a log of all special occasions for your customers. For example:
When it is the birthday of the mother of your customer, contact the customer and suggest a subscription as a gift. Not only will your customer had not thought of previously. Again, you are providing a service and your customer will probably be glad that you called and made the suggestion.

(4) Contact local business who having waiting areas (family doctor, pediatrician, dentist, beautician, mechanics etc.) More than likely, these offices have someone who is designated to handle magazine renewals in addition to their other job responsibilities. This is an excellent opportunity for you to offer your service at little or no additional cost to the customer.

(5) Ask existing customers for referrals. Most businesses get their start this way. For example: Your beautician built his or her client base from referrals of existing customers. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement.

(6) Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to get a listing of businesses (and their address / Phone Number) in your area. Write a letter of introduction, or use our suggested letter of introduction, to contact them. There may be a small fee to get this list.

(7) Contact large businesses in your area. These employees not only have reception areas, but the management staff usually receive a variety of subscriptions.

(8) Keep updates on new residents in your area. Write a letter to welcome them to the community and tell them about your service. Form a business relationship with a local company that deals with major purchases (real estate brokers, car salesman). Suggest that they give a gift subscription to any new customer who makes a purchase. If you deal with a real estate broker, you will know who the new residents in the community are, and you can contact them for other subscription business.

(9) Build relationships with your customers. Follow up with existing customers on a regular basis (every 3 mos.) to make sure that they are happy with their subscriptions. And there are NO problems. Hint: Customers follow up is crucial to your business. If you do not follow up, your credibility can be destroyed. If you only call your customers once a year (when it is time to renew), they will be less likely to renew through you if there have been problems and you were not available to handle them throughout the year.

1st Contact - Make the subscription sale. Let the customer know that you will be contacting them in approximately 3 months to verify arrival of their 1st. Issue.

2nd. Contact or 3 months later - Follow up with customer. Make sure that the first issue has arrived.

(Please make sure that it is time for the subscription to start. If it is a monthly magazine, allow 8 -12 weeks from start date. If it is more or less frequent than monthly, it may take more or less time to start. If you are unsure please contact our office and we will verify for you.)

3rd . Contact - Follow up with customer and notify them that they will begin to receive renewals from the publishers, but to disregard them. Let them know that you will contact them in 3 months to renew their subscriptions.