Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Alkalarian Lifestyle

Being an Alkalarian is life transforming. For many, living as an Alkalarian is different from that of their cultural and traditional customs. The exclusion of certain foods can dramatically effect all we have come to know and love. It becomes apparent how much we incorporate food into our daily activities. Also apparent is the type of foods we choose. Don't misunderstand me, food is not bad for you when eaten in moderation.

However, even in moderation, there are certain foods that take a heavy toll on the body due to their acidity. More than that are the complications acidity itself can have on the human body which is alkaline by design.

This is a wonderful interview with Dr. Young where he goes at length into the value of juicing and alkalizing our bodies, that are alkaline by design.

With the highly stress-filled lives people on average are living today, it only makes sense to ensure ones well being thereby avoiding physical collapse. In monetary terms you could say, its cheaper to stay healthy. The only reason certain foods are excluded from an Alkalarian's diet is because they are highly acidic. As Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle, has shown us through his research and documentation, the presence of acid in the body allows disease to take hold, thereby causing damage. Ergo, acid and the accumulation of acid is problematic for your health. If you knew you could prevent or avoid illness, wouldn't you take the appropriate measures? Well, eating an alkalarian diet or partially alkalarian diet is a healthy alternative for healing the body to maintain wellness.

To have a diet that exchanges the majority of acidic foods, beverages included, for alkaline foods is living with a new perspective. It also means resisting some previous habits. So, to maintain your progress it helps to think in these terms:

Move beyond what you eat to what you speak, what you meditate on and how you live. The mind is a big part of health, healing and wellness. Toxicity in any of these areas can also throw you off your game. Their negative impact creates acid in the body. So diminishing what can trigger stress, depression and frustration is actually a part of maintaining your alkalinity (healthy pH levels).

Another important feature to Alkalarian living is consuming proper quantities of alkaline water to oxygenate your blood, purge your system and replenish your body. That means...
  • Knowing the location of facilities 
  • Frequent bathroom breaks 
  • Listening to your body 
  • Test your pH levels with Test Strips
  • Preparing meals from scratch 
  • Avoiding "fast food" 
  • Frequently packing your lunch
...and getting eight hours sleep to name a few.

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