Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Water Ionizer

pH Miracle Water Mark™

So, how cool is this! I love new products and pH Miracle has one here for you that makes for a better fit for many of you reading this now. This is the new pH Miracle Water Mark. Just in time for the holidays. This would make a fantastic gift for anyone and you will be on target for the kick-off of the New Years Cleansing Fast. Special offer ends January 1, 2013. 

What's "neat" about this new water filtration system is that it produces the best alkaline drinking water anywhere, superior to both tap and bottled water at a more affordable price. If you are at all like me you are loving the pH Miracle Water Mark already.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Drink Your Greens...!

Doc Broc's Power Plants

So here is a delicious and nutritious powder that makes a wonderful Alkalarian beverage. In my opinion, this is a staple product for anyone serious about improving their health or combating obesity. With organic Doc Broc Power Plants, Dr. Young has developed a superior greens drink product that delivers vital nutrients to combat aging, unbalanced weight, and provides long-lasting energy, improving on his original Super Greens. (Available in multiple sizes.)

Doc Broc Power Plants is a fourth generation organic greens drink powder mix -green supplement- formulated by Dr. Young to support a healthy Alkalarian lifestyle and provide your body with the healthy organic nutrients it needs to combat aging, lose weight, and provide long-lasting energy.

This powder is the optimal way for you to get your greens -the raw organic materials your body needs to power your cells and therefore your entire body- in a convenient and great tasting green drink mix.

Sherlinda Dix, UIC 10464

What is L-Arginine Plus?

Here is a wonderful and important product that Dr. Young has created, available through my pH Miracle link/tab at the top of this page.

Really take a look at the information about this product. Also, view a testimonial using my "Video" button from the lower menu bar entitled pH Carotid Artery Clearing. The testimonials and video are a great way to hear others share their personal first-hand experiences. Watch them! They're there to encourage you and give you hope in the midst of your challenge.

L-Arginine Plus, also regarded as the natural Viagra, is a vital amino acid that triggers cell production of Nitric Oxide to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well optimize muscle metabolism, improve circulation, remedy erectile dysfunction, and eliminate toxins.
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Sherlinda Dix . UIC# 10464

Monday, December 24, 2012

What Amount of Protein Do I Need?

It is not the quantity or the quality of the protein, but the source of the protein...and whether it has been heated...or pasteurized...or not.

To fully understand the language used in the nature of matter and fermentation, is of course to understand Antione BeChamp's microzymian theory and how the Pasteurian theorists have confused the understanding protein and its need in the diet.

Looking Ahead to 2013


In Preparation for the 2013 Cleanse

The Battle Against Obesity Rages On

Obesity is still an issue. After all the great cooking and wonderful holiday gatherings, we will have managed to consume many rich foods. -Rich in calories and ingredients. I make a point to enjoy myself without any guilt. The holidays and other celebrations are to be enjoyed! However, it's always good to help our body recover from all the fun. If we don't, a years worth of events can sneak up on a person and the more time that passes between maintenance, our body will start to show symptoms that can lead to unwanted issues.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reducing the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Avocados and Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

New findings from UCLA indicate that Lutein -- a carotenoid recently discovered in California avocados and found in green vegetables -- can help protect against prostate cancer. This study was presented at the American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) meeting in July 2001 in Washington D.C.