Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Most Advance Water System Available

Oh yes, its true. Our Premium H2O Pack is the Premium Water Ionizer Pack. pH Miracle Premium Water Pack is the most advanced water system on the market today!

When I post these specials it's to let you know this is the product to own and it's a smart opportunity that those accustomed to the very best...already own. How wonderful these specials enable you to have access to the same healthful products at a discount, or in this case, a great packaged deal! As I always say, "You do not have to be a celebrity or billionaire to have the same lifestyle. You just have to catch the sale!". This is not simply a water ionizer, but a complete Water Health Package covering all the bases. Here's what you get:
  1. pH Miracle Plate Ionizer
  2. Chanson Nano Pre-Filter
  3. Chanson Spa Shower Filter
  4. Chanson G2 Faucet
  5. Ionizer Armor Protector
  6. Digital pH Meter by HM
Tested and approved by the pH Miracle Center, this is the product you will find throughout the pH Miracle facilities.

But why do you need more than just any ionizer? All water ionizers have one basic flaw: they cannot possibly filter all the contaminants that are of concern today, Regardless of onboard filters, a water ionizer needs a pre-filter in order to provide the safest and healthiest water for your family. This package includes even more than just a high-quality ionizer and pre-filter.

Never before has a package of this quality and performance --at anywhere near this price-- been offered anywhere. There is well over $400.00 in savings and zero guess work in wondering if you purchased the right system for your type of water. This Package will handle well water, city water or any water you can throw at it with the exception of ocean water.

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A Message From Doctor Young

Educational Video with Dr. Robert O. Young


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