Thursday, June 13, 2013

Diet Revolution

Maker’s Diet Revolution – Now On Demand and Mobile Friendly

Now that Jordan Rubin has moved to Beyond Organic Ranch, we have the capability of plugging you into his life and life on the ranch in a whole new way. Starting this week, we are changing the plan and we will no longer be having calls at 8:30pm EST. Instead, every Thursday we’ll be sending you videos from Jordan that he creates exclusively for you—the Beyond Organic Community.

Help spread the Beyond Organic message! Please send these amazing videos to your friends and family through Facebook or Twitter and click the “Like” button under each of these videos.

Jordan and his family have moved to the Beyond Organic Ranches in southern Missouri to follow God's call on their lives to build children's homes for orphans and to start a church, a school and a healing retreat center.

View more videos below filmed on the Ranch as Jordan continues to share the mission with you and new events.

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