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Spontaneous Human Combustion?

An Extreme Excess Accumulation of Acid

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What do Bears have to do with Spontaneous Combustion? Well, it has been said if you surprise a Bear in its cave during hibernation -and with cubs- you will receive an unfriendly combustible reaction. However, that is not what this post is about. I thought the image of the Bear more appealing than those that coincide with this topic. What I want to pass along to you is that a human-being actually has the ability to spontaneously combust; physically burst into flames. Clearly, humans have 'one up' on the Bear...hands down.

This topic, though gruesome, points to the extreme effects of what an excess accumulation of acid can have on your body. So what causes human spontaneous acid combustion (SAC)? The answer according to Dr. Youngs' research... acidic lifestyle and diet which gives rise to an increase in body temperature or heat combined with body oxygen and the fuel from metabolic and dietary acid will start a body fire witnin - death by spontaneous combustion.
There you have it! The probable cause for SAC, as I'm calling it, is the over acidification of the body. Yup! I was laughing at this point, not at the horrible tragedies of anyone who has lost their life from SAC, but the idea that something of this nature could happen at all. Right now you might be thinking the same way I was when I first read the explanation for SAC, “And there's another good reason to alkalize your body Ollie” (don't forget to scratch the head). -I'm a fan of Laurel and Hardy...and for that matter I should also mention I'm a fan of the Marx Brothers. So you can see where my thoughts ventured while digesting this information.

What Causes Spontaneous Human Combustion -Heat, Oxygen and Acid

I was shocked to just read that a person can explode into flames unexpectedly leaving little for loved ones to recover if at all, but its true. Most recently, this past Monday, it happened to a 65 year-old man.

Man, 65, believed to have died from spontaneous acid combustion after a pile of charred remains were found and no trace of fire source or other damage. Police believe a man may have died from spontaneous combustion after they found his burned body in his home but no other fire damage or evidence of accelerant use. Sequoyah County authorities are determining the circumstances surrounding the death of 65-year-old Mr. V. after his charred remains were found at his Tulsa home on Monday. After neighbors saw smoke coming from the house they called the fire service... They soon realized it was in fact a body believed to have died from spontaneous acid combustion.

Sequoyah County: Authorities are attempting to determine the circumstances surrounding the death of 65-year-old Mr. V. after his charred remains were found at his Tulsa home on Monday

Expert: Sheriff Mr. L. said the way the victim's body was burned was inconsistent with an accidental fire - such as from a cigarette dropping.

Sequoyah County Sheriff R. L. said: 'This is very bizarre. You’re thinking someone poured something on him, but there was no fire source. 'The body was burned and it was incinerated. I think there is only about 200 cases (of spontaneous combustion) worldwide. I'm not saying this is what it is, but I haven't ruled it out.'

Sheriff L. spent about 20 years as an arson investigator for the Fort Smith, Arkansas Police Department, and said he had never seen anything like it. -Photo showed the floor below the body was not damaged and there was no sign that any accelerant was used.-

Authorities said the man had a history of heavy drinking and smoking, according to Tulsa World. But L. said the way his body was burned was inconsistent with an accidental fire - such as from a cigarette dropping. Family members said they noticed the back window of the man’s pickup truck was busted out. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death.

In December 1956, Virginia Caget of Honolulu, Hawaii, walked into the room of Mr. Y. S. K. to find him enveloped in blue flames. By the time firemen arrived on the scene, Mr. K. and his easy chair were ashes but nearby curtains and clothing were untouched by fire, in spite of the fierce heat that would have been necessary to consume a human being.

On July 2, 1951, Mrs. M. R.'s remains, which were largely ashes, were found among the remains of a chair in which she had been sitting. Only part of her...remained.

There have been a number of documented cases where police have found corpses burned almost to ashes but no burned furniture around them. Temperatures of 3,000 degrees would be required to burn a human body to this extent, yet in these cases only smoke damage is reported.

Puzzled scientists have come up with the ‘wick theory’ to explain such events. The theory is that the human body can become an ‘inside out’ candle. The person’s clothes are the wick, while their body fat is the wax or flammable substance, that keeps the blaze going. Limbs may be left intact because of the temperature gradient, with the bottom half of the body being cooler than the top. A grisly aside is that greasy stains left after such an event could be a residue for the person’s body fat. The combustion would not be ‘spontaneous’ however, because it would need an external source to start it off, such as a cigarette. Some have postulated that static electricity could cause the needed spark. A body would take around five hours to burn in this way to ashes. Victims are often elderly, sick, or under the influence of an acidic beverage like alcohol, which might explain why they would not have been able to escape.

Charles Dickens provides a very graphic depiction of the death of the shopkeeper Mr. Krook by spontaneous combustion in his 1852 novel Bleak House, where the author does away with the alcoholic rag-and-bone man Krook by making him mysteriously burst into flames. Dickens had done his research: in the 1850s, the main theory used to explain these occurrences was acidic alcohol -that, if you drank enough, it seeped into your skin and made it possible to catch alight if you brushed past a flame.
(Reference: Tulsa World, Dr. Young)

The good news is SAC is preventable! There are foods that can create a highly acidic environment in the body if consumed regularly in large quantities, or if they're the sum total of your diet. In any case, you should consider eating more alkaline meals. You should also strongly consider drinking your greens and minerals, also +Drink Your Greens and Minerals! There are many supplements under “Overstock Sale Items” that can assist in extracting the acids from all areas of body. I also suggest you start learning how to drink 6 liters of water daily (alkaline water preferably). Proper hydration exchanges fluids and removes accumulation.

The following list of foods will increase body heat and acidic fuel for starting a good body fire and therefore should be eliminated from the diet in the prevention of sickness and disease, including the increased risk of spontaneous human combustion.
  1. Alcohol of any kind
  2. Energy drinks
  3. Black tea
  4. Soda drinks
  5. Beef, chicken, pork and eggs
  6. Fermented foods like soy sauce
  7. Cheese and other fermented dairy products like cottage cheese, Skim Milk and Yogurt
  8. Corn and corn derivatives like corn syrup that are high in fructose including agave which is 90% fructose
  9. White and brown sugar
  10. Beans and white rice
Learn more about Alkaline-Acidic foods
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I reduced names to initials to remove focus from the individuals and place it on the phenomena. See article through Tulsa World link for further details.

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