Sunday, April 15, 2012

Live Beyond Organic

A book by Jordan S. Rubin

New York TImes best-selling author and Founder of Beyond Organic, Jordan Rubin, has released his newest and most powerful book yet - Live Beyond Organic. A book that is sure to motivate and inspire you, as well as provide you with health and nutrition education, a daily eating plan, delicious recipes and other tools that will help you change your diet, change your life, and change your world.
  • Inspiration, Motivation and Education
  • Learn About Sustainable Agriculture and USDA Organic Standards
  • Biblical Health Principles
  • Healthiest Foods in Every Category
  • Beyond Organic Shopping Tips
  • Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • Health Assessment
  • Eating Plans
  • 100+ Delicious Beyond Organic Recipes
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  1. Hi Sherlinda! I finally found the site where I first learned the code that I used for my blog hop button. It seems to be the easiest and the best code. The other codes that I tried didn't work for me. Be careful not to add spaces by mistake or change the code in any way or it will not work. Here's the site at

    I think your blog button should have green veg in the background pic. instead of the yellow doily. Just an idea! :)

    I'm thinking of doing blog buttons for a fee. Let me know if you're interested.

    Tina - mom of 4, author and blogger of 5 blogs

    1. Thanks so much Tina! I really appreciate the link. I have been meaning to make a new button. -I just haven't gotten to it yet. This has been a wonderful but busy summer. I'm trying to get ahead of things this month. Its great to know of your service. I'll keep it in mind. Blessings :) ((hugs))
      ~Sheri - entrepreneur, actress, production, and 5 blogs

      (mom, author, 5 blogs....I know you're an organizer! :D)


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