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Friday, March 16, 2012

Reign - Botanical Infusions

How do our products improve your life?
We go beyond organic in our farming and production methods to bring you the highest quality, most nutrient rich food and beverages available anywhere. And the best part - we deliver right to your door!

Reign - Botanical Infusions
Now you can hydrate your body and experience the plant-based antioxidants in Regin Botanical Infusions. Our Pure Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water is infused with exotic fruits, vegetables and traditional to bring you this special line of beverages. It replenishes with key phytochemicals from botanical infusions. Hydrates as it is made with the purity of Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water. It delivers antioxidant nutrition in a convenient way and its stimulant free. Check them out at DYGandM.mybeyondorganic.com.

Flavors: Awaken, Fruit, Veggie
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