Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Developing Healthy Habits

All chatter and party lines aside, I hope all of you will be encouraged by some of the progress being made throughout the country as it relates to Childhood Obesity in America. I also pray you will be concerned about the presence of this issue in our society.

The issue of obesity is actually not limited to our children but sadly enough, includes them. Below is a good discussion regarding this very serious epidemic. Maybe you are in a position to bring about positive changes in your school. Well, I want to motivate you and others to get educated about this topic. Get involved however you can secure the future of our youth. Eliminating food deserts is another focus of the Let's Move campaign. 23 million people plus 6.5 million children are currently living in these food deserts located in rural and urban areas. I believe that We the People can do something about this, if nothing other than educating ourselves that they exist.

Watch the videos to learn more.

Although progress is being made, we are really just getting started with moving forward with changes in dietary habits. Everything in moderation, right? I have to remind myself of that too. Watch the video below for more information and ideas.

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  1. I agree that it is encouraging about the increasing national dialogue on childhood obesity! I hope that it does make a significant difference in people's behaviors.

  2. I like first video. As a teacher I am concerned about my students. I am glad you opened the discussion of childhood obesity on your site. I take your SuperGreens and the Chlorophyll liquid. They work very well for me. I sent some to my brother who has diabetes. He reports his doctor notices improvements since he has been drinking the greens. So we will keep him on it. Enjoy your site.

  3. I really like that this is about promoting health habits among kids as well as adults in this country. We have to change how we eat and how we think of nutrition in order to make those significant changes.


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