Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Goes Guerilla

"Good grief, Jamie! Could it really be any harder for you to improve the food choices of a school cafeteria for America's kids? I would never have suspected such opposition".

The challenges Chef Jamie faces on the ABC network reality TV show, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, are so surprising. Although I understand why the reasons for such resistance to change exist, I feel frustrated for him yet hopeful as I watch each episode. Thank you Chef Jamie for your efforts to educate and end Childhood Obesity in America. I know you are inspiring many others to reform their menus, their diets, and ultimately saving lives.

I do my little part by highlighting for you -my followers- some of the progress being made in the area of ending obesity, especially with regards to children. No matter how savvy today's children are, they still need teachers and champions who are willing to battle against issues that will have a negative impact on their future. Let me suggest incorporating Power Plants, Supergreens, Organic Hemp Protein Powder, SuperSoy Powder, Liquid Chlorophyll, Simply Pure and the Economy Bundle into your children's diet. These few products will make wonderful additions to improve the health your entire family. Be certain to toss a few into your shopping cart. Get started today!

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