Saturday, June 08, 2019

Three Extraordinary Supplements

Anthrax, Mercury, Free Radicals…not a problem

Sherlinda Dix
We’re really excited about three products we offer ofthat are
extraordinary natural supplements here at PHM Life! These three products, Advanced Cellular Silver, Glutathione and Zeolite—from Results RNA—are some of the most advanced and clinically tested natural products you’ll find on the market.

Individually, each product has impressive qualities which produce real results, and when used together, these three products work together to create the Ultimate Body Detox Pack.


The EPA has issued this silver a kill rate of 99.9999%—the highest complete kill rate given by the EPA. This is considered a “complete” kill rate against Borella Brgdorferi, Candida, Albicans, MRSA and others. With all that power, it’s important to note that this silver solution has been proven extremely safe in oral toxicity studies.

It is also EPA-registered to kill anthrax spores.

Have you heard of the Ebola virus? Of course you have! According to a U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency study, silver nanoparticles neutralize hemorrhagic fever viruses, akin to the Ebola virus.

Needless to say, ACS 200 (silver) is a phenomenal product to take every day and to keep on hand wherever you go.

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Glutathione (GSH) is one of the most critical molecules of the entire body. As the most important intracellular antioxidant, GSH regulates all other antioxidants while preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species, such as free radicals and peroxides.

This is why Glutathione supplementation is seen as such a critical requirement for effective treatments, disease prevention and superior health.

So how efficacious is this stuff? This product has been proven to effectively increase intracellular levels of GSH by over 10% in only 7 hours!

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In a nutshell, zeolite is a microporous crystal that is formed in nature when volcanic lava meets ocean water or alkaline groundwater. ACZ nano contains specially created, nano-sized zeolite crystals.

What does this mean?

Zeolite is extremely effective at binding to toxic heavy metals and removing them from the body, through the urine. How effective you may ask? Well in a 24 hr. study of patients taking ACZ nano (zeolite) and ACS 200 (silver), excretion rates increased by as much as 5400% for Mercury! The other string of heavy metals excreted at high rates included Nickel, Tim, Lean, Antimony, Arsenic, Fluorine and Chlorine among others.

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We’re positive that you’ll love this new addition to the PHM Life family whether used individually for specific health needs, or used all together as an extremely powerful full body detox system.

Visit and experience these new products from Results RNA today.

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