Monday, January 20, 2014

Reverse Aging

"What I am telling the world is to drink alkaline water in order to wash out acidic wastes, the universal cause of many adult diseases.... The important thing to remember is that we age because we accumulate acidic waste products. Therefore, if we get rid of these wastes, we can reverse the aging process. We can even eliminate the symptoms of adult diseases by these processes if no irreversible damage is done all ready."
-Sang Whang, author of Reverse Aging

The human body is Alkaline by design!

All of the functions of the body and reactions are acidic by nature. Human health depends on the health of the blood, which is a very delicate balance of 7.365ph for perfect health.

The single most important thing one can for one's body, asides from breathing oxygen, is to maintain the ph of 7.365, by drinking Alkaline/Ionized water. Eating, drinking and thought processes all effect one's ph, so its not just about what we are putting into our bodies on a physical sense but also the emotionality of the body and mind. Your thoughts become biology.

Ionized water is oxygen rich, alkaline and contains millions of natural antioxidant bubbles called hydroxyl ions. Ionized water has two antioxidant qualities: negative charge and the presence of hydroxyl ions, which are free radical scavengers. As crucial as the body's alkalinity so are the benefits of ionized water. The antioxidant qualities are of supreme importance.

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