Monday, December 09, 2013

Incrediwear Socks

Professional Climber Jason Nelson wearing the Incrediwear Tec-3 arm/calf sleeves while climbing The Castle Ridge Traverse in Castle Valley, UT!

No matter whether you are training for your first Triathlon or you're a seasoned Ironman - looking after your body whilst training is essential if you want to compete at your best. Incrediwear Enhanced recovery and injury management using a unique material blend to increase blood flow. Incrediwear are sporting lifestyle enhancement products that offer significant results for our customers on an ongoing basis. Our range of sports socks and athletic supports are of the highest quality and like nothing else in the marketplace.

Amazing socks!

I am an engineer and need to understand how a product works before really diving in with both feet (no pun intended). I got a pair of these incredisocks. In a word, they are incredible. I am wearing them right now!

I put them on and quickly realized they were more snug fitting than standard athletic socks. The unusual banding (ankles and arch) added support and did it feel good! I walked around on them and it felt like I was getting a mini-shiatsu massage on my feet, you have to try it.

Ah but the big question, did my feet get warm? Not right away. Turns out these are not magic socks. But after about ten minutes, I didn't feel the chill to which I have grown accustomed. I actually felt warmth in my toes and the balls of my feet. Wow.

All in all, these socks are as close to magic that I have found! My feet are warm and my engineering mind is satisfied with the performance!  -Akhil Jhaveri

We believe that taking care of your body should be your number one priority.

Our success is simple; Incrediwear products start working within 5 minutes. If you have arthritis, cold feet, sprains, pain or discomfort, recovering from injury or want to increase performance the results are fast! That's why Incrediwear products are used by sports teams, Olympians, world renowned athletes as well as countless amateur sports men and women.

PRO-3 Performance Cycling Socks help prevent cold feet, sprains, pain or discomfort, recovering from injury or and therefore can increase cycling performance.
  • Used by professional athletes
  • Thermo-regulating and make your feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot
  • Increased blood flow, which means more oxygen to the tissues so faster recovery
  • anti-microbial properties that kill odor causing bacteria

The PRO-3 Thin Sport Incredisocks use a unique Carbonized Charcoal Anion Technology that increase blood and oxygen supply to your feet, which can lead to increased performance, decrease foot fatigue and provide shorter recovery time. PRO-3 is specifically designed to ensure that your feet are treated to an advanced sock that's odor resistant, moisture wicking and extremely comfortable. We use a patented Italian 3D weaving machine while constructing our 200 thread count PRO-3 sock and the results are the most comfortable, non-stinky, high performance sock in the world!! Superb cycling or running socks.

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