Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Benefits of WaterMark

The WaterMark has many benefits. It increases hydration and energizes you.

When used for cooking, it enhances the natural flavors of food. It will tenderize your meats and fish as it removes odors and gamey tastes. Brew your coffee and tea in alkaline water. You will notice an improvement in flavor, smell and color. If you make your soups with alkaline water or use for your beverages, likewise you will see the same enhancements in flavor.


WaterMark is also great for your pets, bringing a shine to their coats, added energy, and improved performance.

Use in your gardening for the health of your soil. The results will show up in the production of your flowers, fruits and vegetables. Put cut flowers in alkaline water to restore the life of the bouquet and help them last longer.

The beauty behind the pH Miracle WaterMark is that it does not require electricity to operate. What a savings you have right there.

Check out these helpful videos below.



Also, the pH Miracle office offers excellent Technical Support.

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