Friday, May 31, 2013

Do You Crave Sweets?

Originally posted 9/11/05

Do you know anyone who craves sweets, or feels the need for more protein?

The fourth foundational product that helps your craving for sweets or your need for protein is pH Miracle BioLive Sprouts. It also helps to bring your body back into balance, and then helps maintain that balance. What do BioLive Sprouts do? These Soy Sprouts are biogenic living baby plant foods in their prime. This means they can transfer their life energy force, or zeta potential, to you! At this stage of their development they have greater concentrations of proteins, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, bio-flavonoids, RNA and DNA than at any other point in their life. Because Soy Sprouts are baby plants, their delicate cell walls release live nourishment and life force easily. Their nutrients exist in colloidal form and are therefore easy to ingest even with the weakest of digestion systems.

PH Miracle BioLive Sprouts are an excellent choice of certified organic plant protein for increased energy and contains unique protective compounds that detoxify the blood. It is a nutrient rich protein powder made from certified organic soybeans. Did you know that Soy isoflavones block cancer cells' DNA repair mechanisms, while protecting normal tissue?

"I am six foot two inches tall, and before I started on these products I weighed 220lbs. I was also on blood pressure medication for the previous four years along with a beta-blocker to regulate an irregular heart beat. I also experienced chronic back pain for over ten years and was hospitalized for one week for severe back spasms. I've now been on Dr. Young's program for eight weeks. My weight has dropped to 168 lbs. My blood pressure is a consistent 110/60 (non medicated. In fact the medicated BP was 135/84). Yes, I dropped both medications under my doctor's supervision (Dr. Matthew Sorrentino, Univ. of Chicago Hospital Cardiologist). The medication elimination is no small wonder in that I was told that I would be on it for life!"
Tim Coolidge

The BioLive Sprouts are hydroponically sprouted in environmentally controlled greenhouses and then aired dried at 88 degrees F. It is a higher concentration of protein than beef, chicken, pork, fish, turkey, eggs, milk, cheese and most grasses, vegetable and leaves.

"Well, there I was sitting there at the seminar weighing 250 pounds with my belly hanging over my 46" pants. I had systemic Candida with lots of fungus on both of my feet and one toenail. After the first 30 days, my fungus on both my feet had completely cleared up. My cholesterol dropped by 60 points just after the first two months of using the products. The excess weight I have been carrying has just melted off with ease. I dropped 60 pounds in the first three months and I feel great. I have lost a minimum of 13 inches from my waist. I can honestly say that I have not experienced anything like these products in my life."
Nate Brooks

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