Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weight Loss in a Starter Pack

Did you know that all functions of the human body, if not properly eliminated, will pollute it? Diet, exercise, stress and worry produce acids in our body. The results can lead to obesity because obesity is the result of too much acid.

We know from Dr. Youngs book, "The pH Miracle", that there is only one disease and its expressed on how we maintain the alkalinity of our body. The over-acidification of the body is due to an inverted way of thinking, eating and drinking. "Living to 100 -disease free- is not setting the goal high enough", says Dr. Young. 

Did you know you can have the bone density and blood of a 20 year old at any age if you alkalize the body to raise the electrolytes? pH Miracle supplements are designed to help us take care of our body, balance our pH and alkalize for optimum health.

"When you realize you don't get old, you mold -you start taking care of your body. ...Algae does not appear in an Alkaline body."  -Dr. Young

"The pH Miracle for Weight Loss" book included in the pH Miracle Weight Loss Starter Pack is for those who want to remove the excess accumulation of acids from their body; loose weight. Poor health, obesity, diabetes and cancer are a matter of choice as we have learned. -It is the over-acidification of the blood, tissues, way of eating and thinking. So, you don't get cancer and do it with lifestyle choices. The pH Miracle teaches us the healthier choices, provides recipes and supplements to help us maintain an alkaline body.

You'll also want to look at the "Overstock Sale Items" on my pH Miracle Living site for bargains on items you possibly could use. Items like...

  1. pHCA - Cuts body fat storage by 75, cravings curbed
  2. pHruits and pHoliage - 100% fruits and vegetable powder
  3. L-Carnitine - burns fats stored in the body
  4. Nutrient Bridge - Tissue Nourishment, Vitamin A, B3, B6 and Zinc
  5. Opti Oils - get the essential oils your body needs
...that are on sale. -Every penny helps. God bless pH Miracle for understanding that point.

L-Arginine MAX is another product you might also want to look at based on the issues expressed in the news. 

I have made my health and balancing my body pH a priority this year. I also intend on maintaining it. It takes maintaining daily and through the year of numerous events. Hopefully you will make the same investment in your health. Fasting from meat for two weeks can give you a wonderful start. Fasts really help your body recover from all the accumulation. BRAVO to you who are making a start!

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