Monday, March 25, 2013

The Original Milk

What is Z Milk?

Z Milk is the name for a very specific type of milk—milk that goes far beyond simple organic milk. Z Milk is known as “the original milk”, and its benefits are as unique as its origins. Here’s what you need to know about Z Milk:
  • It comes from Zebu (Bos Indicus) cattle, a breed that is thousands of years old.
  • True Z Milk comes from Zebu cattle that are raised with old world methods—which means they are fed grains from start to finish, they’re not vaccinated with chemicals, and the calves are reared naturally on the mother’s milk.
  • Z Milk has a protein structure that is different from regular or even organic milk. The protein structure of Z Milk more closely resembles breast milk than any other cow’s milk.
Our unique probiotic infused Z Milk products may be easier to digest, and more readily tolerated than milk from conventionally raised cow's milk.

Beyond Organic uses Z Milk in all of our dairy products—in fact, we know of no other dairy operation in the country that is producing Z Milk the way we do. Learn more of these and other unique products at
(Reference: Jordan Rubin)

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