Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Alkalarian Diet

What is an Alkalarian Diet?

The Alkalarian diet is a healthy way of eating and based on the New Biology. Dr. Young's New Biology, most simply stated, is that the over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease. Shelly Young and her husband Dr. Robert Young are authors of the pH Miracle books, alkalizing supplements and therapies. You will find the diet is similar to that of a vegetarian or vegan as it is not inclusive of meat, fish, and dairy which are acidic foods. However, you may choose to be a partial Alkalarian and eat from those food groups in moderation, balancing your body to avoid accumulation of harmful acids. Non-acidic fruits and non-acidic vegetables are welcome additions to the diet. So it's easy to remember, the focus of Alkalarians is on balancing their body's pH and maintaining that balance.
Doing this can transform many areas of your life to achieve the optimum results. Once successful pH levels are achieved, their body will function at peak levels of energy, cell rejuvenation, vitality, stamina and recovery, virility, focus and mental capability. To sum it up, you function at your best and in some cases the stamina, that you had as a child. Age could very well become just a number...Ok, within reason.

If you haven't noticed, the lifespan of the average American continues to increase. Many people are living well past 100 years of age. Probably during much of the 20th century this was seen as an anomaly. Not anymore. Now, we clearly see it is as the “norm” in the 21st century.

Some refer to the Bible as a historical document and some as the Word of God. However you choose to regard the Bible and the treasures within this famed Best Selling book, it reveals a time when mankind lived past 200 years of age. Today medical research, and an increase in preventative health awareness, has improved our life expectancy. Yet, there still remains proactive measures each individual can personally enforce that ensures a significantly healthy impact on the quality of life we will experience during those premium years.

No one has done a better job of breaking down the Alkalarian diet into an approachable form like Dr. Young. He and wife Chef Shelly Young made it even easier by providing a list, great for when shopping along with fabulous information, of what should be in your refrigerator and pantry. Take a look! This will help you get started on your way to better health and wellness.

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