Friday, November 18, 2011

It Has Been An Amazing Week!

Originally posted 11/4

Friends and Patrons,

The launch of Beyond Organic is finally here—and we couldn’t be busier! It has been an amazing week as Nicki and Jordan were able to visit the ranch and our Kansas City warehouse as all the excitement unfolded. There has been an unbelievable number of people added to the Beyond Organic team in the last week, and literally thousands in the last 12- 18 hours leading up to midnight on October 31st. Thank you!—as this outpouring of support is a tremendous blessing to our entire team.

Along with this excitement has come a large number of questions from you and we wanted to proactively communicate as much as we could to help you understand what to expect in the coming days. Please read below for updates and details around shipping windows, our new website and what you can do now to keep up the great momentum we’ve experienced in the last week.

For the thousands of you that have activated your position, but have not placed your food order, please make sure to get your order in as soon as possible as we are shipping on a first in, first out basis. In order to get your products as quickly as possible, make sure you shop and set up your auto-ship today.
And for those of you that were part of my Insider community—it’s not too late. Get in touch with me, Sherlinda Dix, who introduced you to Beyond Organic or visit my corporate website at for more information about our mission, vision, products and programs (select Business Opportunity from the menu at the top of the page).

To Living Beyond Organic,

Sherlinda Dix

Updates on Shipping
  • Our customer service and fulfillment teams are working very long days to make sure we have all of the Founder Pack, Business Builder Kit and Mission Marketer Kit orders that came in between Oct 31st and today entered into the system. There were thousands of orders that flooded in last minute and we are working hard to get all of them organized.
  • We are currently shipping Founder Packs along with your Business Builder Kit and Mission Marketer Kit orders; once we have cleared them, we will then ship Change Your Diet Packs and open orders in the order in which they were received.
  • They have thousands and thousands of orders to get out, so please be patient with us. The goal is to have the current batch of Founder Pack orders delivered by the end of next week. The Team is taking the time to ensure the highest possible quality and care of your Beyond Organic foods and beverages so that your order arrives in the best possible condition.
  • You will receive email notification from FedEx when your shipment leaves our warehouse, so please hold off emailing or calling customer service with questions about shipping at this time - this will really help us.
  • The goal is to get as much product shipped out to the field, as soon as it is ready and released by our Quality Control and Quality Assurance Team. Due to this commitment, you may receive your Founder Pack order in partial shipments. The Team is doing everything they can to minimize this, but it may occur and you'll receive communication with your shipment acknowledging the additional items that will be shipping separately.
Updates on Website
  • In a 24 hour period the company has executed a website transition from our INSIDER website to along with thousands of other sites and Back Office data. At the same time, we were overloaded with tens of thousands of web hits from your promotion and interest.
  • It has taken us a couple days to expand server capacity but we are seeing much faster performance with page loads and data requests across our system and we expect web performance issues to improve steadily as the days go forward. 
  • Please be patient with us.

Sherlinda Dix
Independent Manager . Founding Member
beyond organic
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