Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Final Note

For those of you who are not aware, I am a Mission Marketer with "Beyond Organic", making it an affiliate of "Drink Your Greens and Minerals". Beyond Organic is still in a Pre-Launch phase which ends November 1st. What is very unique about Beyond Organic is that all the GreenFed foods and beverages are rich in Probiotics. Also, they will be delivered to your door. Jordan Rubin is the Founder and CEO of this wonderful company. You can read more details about the company and Jordan in the article posted on DYGandM.

One reason for you to be interested is you now have the opportunity to become an "INSIDER" with the company for FREE at the link below. However, this offer also ends November 1st. Joining the company allows you the option of becoming a "Preferred Customer" (more details at 2nd link below). Also, as an Insider, you get to see all that is going on behind the scene; Full access to all information regarding the company.

So let me tell you why I find the company important.
A Probiotic rich diet is the ultimate diet along with a primarily Alkalarian Diet, in my opinion. Probiotics give your body the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, along with other key supplements that your body desperately needs daily to function, and stay healthy. Good health and wellness are the results of what is going on in your Gut. That is why doctors are very interested in your blood test. They can see what is happening in your body, and that leads back to what's going on in your Gut. The strength of your immune system, and the ability for your body to recover (heal) is tied to the healthy culture present in your body. Beyond Organic GreenFed foods and beverages have probiotics occurring naturally in them, the way nature intended; as they are suppose to be. Nothing is genetically modified. All the products are not simply organic, but beyond organic (the ultimate). For those wondering, GreenFed is grass fed ONLY. Beyond Organic has coined the term. GreenFed beef is not new, but has not been on your table for probably decades or longer. Beyond Organic produces the healthiest animal products possible. A daily diet at this level will sustain a higher quality of life as God intended us to have in the Garden of Eden!

You can always buy your products from me. That is why I have chosen to be a supplier. It is that important! You can also choose to get your product at wholesale prices, like shopping at any of the popular food club. That is why you would become an INSIDER using Enroller Code 33541 when prompted to complete your entry located at the link. Lastly, if you want a supplement income, that is the other reason to join.

Well, I hope you catch the open door...or is it the door still open on this movement for better health. That is what I wanted to share with you today, before its too late! I'll let you check out the links provided, and I will chat with you later.

Independent Mission Marketer
beyond organic
Join me!

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