Saturday, November 13, 2010

The pH Miracle Difference

You remember what it was like...
Itching to get going at dawn. Running at full speed the rest of the day.
Napping not because you felt like it, but because Mom made you.
As a kid, your energy never seemed to quit. So what happened?

People everywhere tell the same story. As they’ve “grown up,” they’ve grown out of their youthful effervescence. But why? The human body is designed to perform for decades. It comes down to a matter of internal energy – not only within our bodies, but within our individual cells. Cells robbed of the nutrients they crave fail to perform at their peak level. Their functionality diminishes and they begin to shrivel due to lack of food, light, and oxygen.

 The Trouble with Diet

The truth is, the closer a food’s state is to when it obtained the sun’s energy, the more energy that food retains. Fresh wheat sprouts have a high level of natural energy – but when the same mature plants are dried, ground, processed, and bleached into flour, they lose a tremendous amount of their nutrients. And think about it – what type of food does our society eat more of – processed or fresh?

The Trouble with Dieting

It’s not that we don’t try to make up for our lack of nutrients. The market is full of vitamin supplements, but they don’t completely solve the problem. Vitamin pills, too, are far removed from a nutrient’s natural source of energy. They’ve been chemically formulated, processed, and compressed into hard, white tablets that contain virtually no electrical charge. So when these vitamin pills pass through the system, the body must not only work to break up the hard pills, it struggles to absorb nutrients with an electrical charge much lower than its own. In fact, most dietitians believe that as little as 3% – and only as much as 15% – of a typical supplement’s nutrients are absorbed before it passes out of the body.

Why is pH Miracle Different?

pH Miracle supplements, however, literally bring new energy to each cell directly. It’s a big idea that begins with the tiniest of particles called colloids. Since colloids are so small, it is easy for our cells to absorb vitamins and minerals introduced at this size. pH Miracle begins by breaking basic nutrient elements into billions of colloidal particles. Then, unlike any other supplement provider, pH Miracle ensures these colloids remain individually separated through a proprietary process that is called Micro-Ionization™. Perhaps the most striking difference about pH Miracle products is their living energy, which actually attracts the colloids to your cells where they can be instantly utilized. Functionality is rejuvenated. Your cells – and you – can feel that maybe the energy you knew as a kid isn’t so long gone after all.

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